pee wee martini: the painting (part 2)

pee wee painting continues...

pee wee martini: the painting (part 1)

once the surfaces were sanded, i started to apply the paint. i usually paint these sculptures in layers and glue them together at the end. it's a whole lot easier to get all the hard to reach spots while they're still disassembled.

pee wee martini: the sanding

next, i stripped all of the paper templates off of the wood and sanded the exposed surfaces. this is the boringest step in the whole process.

pee wee martini: the rough cut

once the color scheme was set, i was off to the scroll saw. i printed out the 3 copies of the template and lightly spray mounted one to each layer of pee wee (front body, rear body and cape). i cut each layer's unique parts (eg. hind legs) separately and then taped them together for the common cuts (eg. the head) so that the curves match exactly. shown here is a taped together version just after i finished all of the cutting. the mohawk, dogtag and snout will be cut out and added later.

pee wee martini: the color scheme

with the template finalized, i did a quick color version to get an idea how it'll look when it's all painted. it's also good to have something in mind before you hit the paint aisle...there are like, a million shades of blue.

pee wee martini: the template

once i finished the sketch, i scanned it and traced it in adobe illustrator, cleaning up curves and figuring out the exact dimensions that pee wee's going to be. below is the outline version of the template including the 3 main layers (front body, rear body, and cape, all overlapping on the template), his crest of hair, his collar tag and collar tag loop.

pee wee martini: the sketch

world's ugliest dog?
you be the judge.
i say yes.

at any rate, mr. pee wee martini here is not only a participant in the yearly "world's ugliest dog" competition, he's also the subject of honor (everyone's going to do their unique artistic take on him) in the upcoming philadelphia cartoonist society group show at the soon-to-be-opened amble gallery in fishtown. (check it out: pee wee martini show at amble gallery)

for my entry in the show, i'm going to create a one-of-a-kind-pee-wee-as-batman timberloaf. here's the sketch:

for more on pee wee:

eastern plutonian woodchuck

a natural ally of the jupiterian wood weevil, this creature is known for its baying howl and love of all things wooden. peg-leg pirates be warned.

jupiterian wood weevil

the scourge of space corn farmers galaxy-wide, these nettlesome creatures can infest and devour a field in no time flat. where there's one jupiterian wood weevil, there are a million.

yeah, yeah, i know...

...that you've already seen this timberclown if you've been checking out, but it's the only picture i've taken of any of these wooden hold yer horses and i'll get some new ones up soon...sheesh.