"on a low note" group show

the monsters of metal are finished, photographed and will be dropped off this afternoon...one week
'till the show opening!

show details are
on the flyer...
click for a
larger version.

here's a sneak peek
at one of the finished
photos to come!

monsters of metal

here's an early look at my entries for the upcoming "on a low note" music-themed group show put on by the philadelphia cartoonist society. the show opens on saturday, march 1st at lucky star art gallery in gloucester city, nj and will feature the usual "eclectic body of work form a wide variety of artists" that the pcs shows always deliver... more info to follow shortly...

i'm creating 3 one-of-a-kind timberloaf monsters who are having an impromptu jam session with instruments fashioned from the wreckage of the city that they've just destroyed.

with sketch, template, cutting and sanding phases having just been completed, painting commences... stay tuned...